ready to build a brand that stands out & gets you noticed by your dream clients?

My Brand Strategy & Design Course is the best choice for you.

Maybe this is you...

  • Your business feels all-over-the-place, and you want to have some clarity and direction

  • You wish you knew exactly what your ideal client was looking for, because you know you could deliver

  • You're tired of feeling like you're fighting your colleagues for clients.

  • You want to stand out from the crowd effortlessly, but you have a hard time knowing what makes you different.

  • You want a beautifully designed brand, but you can't swing the $$$ it takes to hire a brand designer.

  • You've tried using pre-made templates but they all look the same which makes you blend in even more...

Listen, I know exactly how you feel.

I spent years struggling with branding.

While I was always creating websites for whatever project I was working on, but when it came to branding, I assumed I just had to pick colors and fonts and somehow come up with a logo. So I would just pick whatever colors and fonts I liked (probably that another business was using), find the prettiest template (that other businesses were definitely using), and then spent hours and hours trying to fit my entire business idea into a logo.

When I decided to make websites for other business owners, I knew I wanted to level up my skills. So I started learning. Since learning how to craft a powerful brand strategy, my businesses (and my clients' businesses) finally have a clear and cohesive experience and messaging that speaks directly to the clients we dream of working with. 

this is me exploring the tetons last summer while my website attracted clients for me

My Brand Strategy & Design Course will teach you how to create a brand that

  • is built on proven strategy that delivers results

  • creates a feeling of confidence & trust in your website viewers

  • speaks to the emotions (and even the subconscious) of your ideal clients, and we know that 95% of purchases are subconscious

  • creates an experience people will love and come back to over and over again

  • eliminates competition by helping you find your unique position in your industry

    makes it easy to design website (and any other visual elements) around your brand

  • helps you connect with your dream clients

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1

What is Branding: Learn what branding is, and what it isn't

Lesson 2

Your DC: Learn how to truly know your Dream Client, and why it matters

Lesson 3

Unique Positioning Part 1: Eliminate the competition by creating a unique brand

Lesson 4

Unique Positioning Part 2: No one is you - learn how to make it your business superpower

Lesson 5

Unique Positioning Part 2: No one is you - learn how to make it your business superpower

Lesson 6

Visual Branding: Represent what your brand stands for with colors, typography, and more

What's Included?






The Course Launches June 2020

Enrollment info

Pre-Sale Cost: $195

Cost After Launch: $295

Cost If You Already Bought the Wix Framework Template: $150

Access to Course: Lifetime


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