• Molly

How I Keep My Value High & My Prices Low

It seems standard practice in the industry for freelance web designers to have their packages start in the mid-four-figures and go up from there.

So, why is my first package only 3-figs? Does that mean you'll get a half-assed website?


I'm priced the way I am becauseI made a decision when I re-launched my business to be accessible.

Money, or lack of I should say, has held me back from so many things in my life -- and I don't want it to be the thing that holds YOU back.

It's 2020. A website no longer enough. A good, working website is a non-negotiable.

So, keep reading to learn about my strategy:

Here's how I keep my value high.

I take business courses with leaders

I've paid for courses by powerful business leaders like Marie Forleo and Karrie Brady.

I'm a UX/UI Design student with Thinkful

I'm currently studying user-centered research and design with an incredible online program that has a high job-placement rate. Everything I learn gets applied directly to my work.

It also means I'm busy and can't take a ton of clients at a time. I carefully schedule so each client has my full attention.

I've been designing websites since 2014, I only recently started charging for them

I've designed all my own websites for my time as a musician and as a teacher. I've designed my friends websites for their photography and music businesses. Only recently it hit me - why was I not pursuing something I enjoyed so much as a career?

I stay current on industry best practices and research to deliver high quality

You know, my own business relies on my website. I am online daily looking up solutions and articles on high-conversion practices, current website trends, powerful website copywriting, and UX/UI design research.

Here's how I keep my prices low.

I live in a small town in Wyoming

I'm not paying $2000 a month for rent in a big city and $8 for a coffee. We moved to a cute little mountain town for my fiancé's job and, financially, it's great.

My Macbook from 2014 works just fine

If it ain't broke...

I don't book expensive photo and video shoots for content

I'm absolutely NOT knocking anyone who does this. and actually I prefer it when my clients supply me with high-quality images and videos. But a self-timer and a decent camera works fine for me, and when that doesn't, my fiancé has gotten pretty good at photography..

I don't outsource any part of my projects

Right now, all my work is 100% in-house. I have no plans to hire a developer or extra design assistants. The only things I'll outsource will be administrative - like accounting because taxes are the WORST. But when you pay for a project, you're paying me directly and me only.

I use Wix

There is so much hot debate around the best website platforms and editors. Right now, SquareSpace seems to be pulling ahead and ShowIt is making huge strides. But I need a platform that: is fast to put together, is affordable to use, and is easy to manage for complete website beginners and business owners who don't have hours or money to spend on it. And that's Wix.

There you have it. I'm not undervaluing my work. I'm not half-assing my work.

And I can promise you, I will over-deliver every time.

Let's get started on your site, already!