ready to write powerful, engaging copy that inspires your dream clients to buy?

My Website Copy Course is the best choice for you.

If you're wondering if this course is for you, see if you can relate to any of this:

  • You don't even know where to start when it comes to writing good copy

  • Maybeee you didn't even know the text on your website is called "copy..."

  • You KNOW your business can help people, if you could just get their attention

  • You really really really just want to attract your dream clients and get paid what you're worth.

  • But you do NOT want to sound salesy.

  • And you might even hate talking about prices.

  • You spend way too much time answering inquiry emails of people who just aren't a good fit for you (or worse, are just price shopping).

  • You do not have time to dig through pages on Google or listen to hours of videos with information that doesn't even apply to you.

  • You just wanna get the facts and the instructions fast so you can implement it and get your website to work for you ASAP.

Listen, I know exactly how you feel.

Even though I was building websites for myself and others, I didn't even know that website text was called copy. Then I realized my websites weren't pulling their weight in my business.


If I spent money on my website, I wanted it to work.

So, I spent hours scouring the internet for information and taking courses from experts on how to level up my sites. That's when I started learning about copywriting (and brand strategy) and when I implemented what I learned into my websites, I actually saw changes!

I started attracting the clients of my DREAMS. I started paying my bills with my business alone.

this is me exploring the tetons last summer while my website attracted clients for me

My Website Copy Course will teach you how to write copy that:

  • captures the attention of your dream clients

  • speaks to their subconscious (where 95% of sales decisions happen)

  • builds trust and positions you as the best possible option for your dream clients

  • pitches your offers for you without making your website sound gross and salesy.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1

Intro to Copywriting: Learn what copy is, and what it isn't.

Lesson 2

Brand Story: Learn how to write a powerful brand story that inspires emotion & action.

Lesson 3

Homepage Copy: Catch & keep the attention of your dream clients on your homepage.

Lesson 4

Pricing Page Copy: Learn how to present prices in a way that proves buyers get way more than they pay for.

Lesson 5

Inquiry Page: Create a booking page & contact form that gets potential clients stoked to hear from you, saves you time in on-boarding, and sets you up to close the deal.

What's Included?






The Copy Course Launches June 2020

Enrollment info

Pre-Sale Cost: $195

Cost After Launch: $295

Cost If You Already Bought the Wix Framework Template: $150

Access to Course: Lifetime

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