Wix Framework Template

The perfect template for the ambitious entrepreneur running their business online. Save time and energy with a framework already using high-conversion practices, and stand out from the crowd by simply customizing the theme to represent your unique business and brand. 

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How do I install this template?

All you need to do is give me your email address, and then sit back and wait for a Transfer Invite from You don't just get the template, you get an entire pre-built site.

Do I need a Wix site first?

Nope! You will get a brand new, entirely pre-built site delivered to you. It will make things easier, however, if you make a Wix account ahead of time.

Does this include a Wix plan?

Nope! There are MANY plan options and it's up to you to pick what is best for your business. You will also be able to add a domain once the site is transferred to you.

What if I already have a Wix site?

You cannot apply this Wix template to another site, you will be getting a brand new site to edit! If you already love your branding and copy, then simply transfer your paid plan & domain, update your Site Colors, copy over your text, and re-establish your automated emails/store/etc... 

If you need some help with this, or even want me to do it for you, I offer custom and affordable pricing for this work. 

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